Like the movie of the same name, return to memory until childhood by time slip.
The clothes I wore when I was a baby, things I wore in the kindergarten, TV shows and heroes I liked when I was in the elementary school, the stickers and toys I collected. Also the inspiration from the idols I longed for. During the Showa era in Japan(from 1920’s until 1980’s), the word “MOTTAINAI(spirit of not to waste)” was heard many times from grandparents and parents.
A suit fabric made from old sweaters and recycled wool made by wool left over after cutting. Denim that is no longer worn, disassembled into threads and then woven again.
In Japan, it is currently not possible to use acid solution and charcoal treatment to remove the dust from the raw wool. Discarded Japanese wool melton without treated with charcoal is a purely domestic fabric while being mixed with straw. Also fur coats knitted with recycled PET bottles that are thrown away.
The edge of recycled wool fabrics are woven with name of materials, applique embroidery of memories spent at ranch on melton, recycling memories such as plastic bottle-shaped buttons on recycled fabric are key elements of the design.
Now that we have stopped due to the current situation, but I will start walking again from here. Time after time. For our future.
This is the story of our “Rebirth”.

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