A place called the metaverse.
In that space, there are a wide variety of avatars set by the user.
If you dare to say, it’ s super diversity.
Then, I think we can see everything fairly and naturally without being conscious of diversity.

I wish such a space was not only a virtual world but a real one.
Then, let’ s make it by us. Another Shibuya scramble crossing that exists like a parallel world. The virtual human “imma" exists there. Extra avatars crossing the intersection.
A metaverse space expressed in a super analog way.

There is no real-world “ordinary” boundary of the clothes you wear in that world.
It is not possible to draw a line in fashion due to your gender or with or without disability. Don’ t leave anyone who wants to wear and need my clothes.

Each person has his or her own personality. Diversity is not a satisfying word.
So that everyone can be proud and saying, “This is me."

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